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I'll tell you my story and I'll sing you my songs

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upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Circle of Song

Circle of Song

Singing together with Mariam in unity consciousness and in prayer. This event consists of meditation, song, connecting to spiritguides, angels and energy work through the use of your own voice. Singing together, we create music of the soul..


Currently only in the Netherlands. Its possible to 'book Circle of Song in tandem with an international booking.  

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International Concerts

We are currently booking for international concerts/events in 2022/2023.

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 Concert Awake

Healing music and prayer for transformation

My performances are a mix of performing, accompanied by my guitar, prayer, meditation and creating a unified field by singing and toning together. My spiritguides will join us with supporting and lifting our vibration.

Next Concert:

Date: April 1

Location: Veerhuis te Varik, Netherlands

Time: Concert starts 19:30 (7:30 PM)

Doors open at 16:00, it is possible to order some soup, bread and snacks for a small fee.

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Invite me for your event

I sing to connect and unite. My performances are a mix of Song, Meditation, Story and Restoring the Circle. I will share with you some of my personal stories about the meaning of the songs I received.

I will invite you to join me in song, to connect with eachother and with higher frequencies.


Send me an email for information mariam@mariamagency.com 

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