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Are You Ready? How we can ride the Wave of Change

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Have you noticed the wave of change energies rippeling through our athmosphere the past few years? And it does not seem to get any less... I keep receiving guidance about cleaning up my diet and detox more often to help my body deal with energetic shifts. I am glad that I followed the advice as I am feeling so much brighter, lighter and more tuned to my angels and spririt guides.

Maybe you are sensitive too and you recognize the need to keep a good balance in your life. And how dificult this can be sometimes. You might recognize the need to turn inwards often, to rest and take time to organise your life in a way that won't overstimulate you. Last summer (2022) has brought some intense energies and experiences for many of us. All I could do was surrender to changes of plans, a body that really wanted to rest and to the energetic wave of change. For weeks I received no information from my guides other than: 'rest, exercise, eat healthy and enjoy your holiday'. The first few weeks were a bit awkward. Doing nothing and surrendering to rest is not very natural to me. But when my phone broke on my birthday and I could no longer check facebook, whatsapp and my email, the message became even more clear to me. And I completely surrendered to what would become a tranquil and very warm summer. As I sank deeper into myself, having reached my core, new plans and ideas and new directions, began to emerge. Because I took better care of myself I became even more sensitive and receptive to the messages that wanted to be heard.

So how can we help ourselves to ride this wave of change?

I get it, it is difficult to be sensitive. And now I suggest to become even more sensitive? Yes! I do. I have fought my sensitivity for years, but it is embracing our sensitivity that will get us through these waves of energetic shifts. Becoming 'lighter' helps our bodies to deal with all the light coming in. And by becoming more sensitive you will hear your guides better guiding you to the things that will help and benefit you.

I also recommend singing more, taking good care of your body through healthy eating/exercise and listening often to high vibrational music to keep yourself in balance. It really helps because high vibrational music creates a protective field around you. And singing clears your aura, activates your chakra's and puts you in touch with your own heart and soul.

It is often when you are a little bit distracted that your guides will show you images or whisper messages. So drawing, journalling or singing can help to keep your brain busy, while the universe pours it's wisdom into you. And don't forget the power of asking help when you need it. My guides never let me down. If I feel that my energy system is not what it is supposed to be I ask for help. And the energy shifts that follow are often very palpable. We do not have to do it alone. If you would like to havesome wonderful support, helping you to make your next step in your awakening process, you might want to check out our program 'Steps 2 Awakening'.

Start Your Day in Tune with the Universe

Would you like to start your day high vibe? Try singing 'Ohm' through every chacra, while you place your hands on the chacra and focus your attention inside of it. You can ask your spirit guides (always ask for the guides who work for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All), to help you clear the chacra's of all the energies in your system that are not for your highest good. Below you will find a link to the calming song 'Oooo' that also helps with clearing the space of your home or office energetically. And you can also sing along with it, to use it as a sound meditation.

I hope these tools help you to have more balance in your life. If you would like to know more about working with energy, your spiritguides, angels and soundhealing take a look here for more info about our retreats, music, courses and events to support your awakening and to contribute to more love, peace and harmony in our world.

Love, Mariam

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