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Awakening: navigating between Heaven and Earth

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Modern-day Mystics living very normal lives

I used to ignore my messages, fight my visions, to protect the life I was having. I didn't want to be 'different' and I didn't want to be seen as crazy. But life gave me a choice, stay this way and contribute to the world as it is. Or, listen to all the crazy whispers, receive the visions and follow the path towards Change.

As you can notice, I chose the latter. I gave up my old life, sold my business and started to share my visions and my music. While raising three kids, running around as all mothers do. Cleaning, cooking, working and managing our household while keeping my connection to my Soul, my Source as best as I can. And as I am awakening, learning and changing, the visions and perception of a broader reality start to become my new normal. Crazy gets a whole new definition on this journey! While opening up more and more to my guides, they clearly said that 'grounding' in my life, on Earth was essential for them to have more interaction with me. They showed me that they could only pour more of their energy in and through my being, when I was fully grounded. Therefore, my life has become my spiritual practice. Navigating the fine balance between Heaven and Earth, discovering that we already live in heaven, in God just unaware of it's presence.

Visions, seeing through the veil

I would love to share with you the vision I had while receiving the song 'I Am'. The song was given to me while I was cleaning my house. I had planned the entire day for this, and was praying most of the time during my chores.

Suddenly it felt like a veil above my head started to open. It literally looked like a renaissance painting of an opening to heaven. The opening expanded to a meter and a half wide and around the opening, looking down on me, stood a circle of beings made entirely out of bright white light. They were humming a beautiful, heavenly harmony. I saw that around them was another circle of white beings, and then another, and another. There were many, many beings, it appeared infinite.

Then they all whispered: “I Am, I Am, I Am”. And I felt that all these beings where in alignment with the Great ‘I Am’ or Christ energy. Then, out of their midst a larger brighter Light Being came to the front. I knew that this being was the Great ‘I Am’, the Christ being. And it sang, it announced itself while the other beings seemed to sing with it as one united voice. It announced the ‘Grand Awakening’, the awakening of the Christ in mankind with these words:

'I Am, I Am, I Am, the marching of souls has begun, the Grand Awakening of Man, I Am, I Am, I Am.'

It was a very powerful and beautiful experience. I tried to repeat the song as much as I could and went to the studio three days later to record what I had heard. It is impossible to recreate the depth and the beauty of the harmonies I heard. But what you hear on the recording, especially in the vocal parts, captures this experience very well.

If you would like to hear the full song 'I Am', it is on my album Awake. You can find all the meanings of my songs and the stories about how I received them in the Workbook Awake.

Healing ourselves and our collective

One of the messages my guides are giving me repeatedly, is how they are working towards the restoration of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of mankind. They are very committed to helping us to heal our collective. But before we can heal our collective, we have to heal individually. And that means, looking at our creations, bringing them into the light and starting to remember, step by step, who we truly are. Easier said then done, but something I have been committed to for about seven years now. Peeling away all the masks, layer by layer.

I know that awakening can be a bumpy ride sometimes. This is why I am devoting my work, my time to help others navigating this passage through personal one on one sessions, the online study group: Steps to Awakening, Circle of Song and Concerts. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with in your life. Just send me a private message (

Wishing you Peace & Love,

Eva Mariam

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