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Dear Friends, You are the medicine the world needs

Don't doubt your ability to bring healing because you have been rejected when you brought your medicine to the world

For years I have been somewhat of a hermit. You sensitives know what I mean. Sometimes, when you are sensitive, home just seems like the best place to be, at least in my case it used to be like this :-) But this is changing now. And I believe that this is true for many of us. Especially for those who have been feeling that they have been waiting for something their whole life. Up until now. Because this is our moment. This is the time we have been waiting for. Frans and I are working on a new song. We don’t know the title yet. But I’ll give you the chorus: We are free We are strong We are the light, we are the voice Of a new dawn And the way my guides talk about this is that we are the answer to the question of the world. We are the medicine the world is asking for. And we may not always be welcomed with open arms in mutual recognition of who we all are. Because not everyone is able to see it that way. And if this happens, we can bless them with love and shine our light anyway. One day, when I was struggling with this theme, my guides said: ‘You are not here to be liked. You are here to serve.’ And that was that. They can be so lovingly strict sometimes :-) We might feel lonely sometimes, and that we are walking our path alone, and in a way that is true. Because we are the only ones who can truly decide which way to go. And we all have our own, unique path to walk. But on the other hand, we are walking together. Side by side, growing in our Light. Growing in our connection to, and realization of who we truly are. Like in the song I Am: I Am, I Am, I Am The marching of souls has begun The Grand Awakening of Man I Am, I Am, I Am We are lighting each other up, creating a wave of light spreading all over the world. And this is my message today. We are loved, we are guided and we are often stronger then we think. I love you all, wishing you peace. Be the medicine. Mariam

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