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I started writing songs at 14 and started to perform at 15. But my songs started to change after in intense prayer for the wellbeing of humanity when I was about 36 years old. Music and lyrics of a different kind started flowing through me. The songs sing about a beautiful new world where we know who we truly are.

I love to share my songs with you, because honestly, I don't believe I wrote most of them. They are a gift to share.

This picture above was taken in a very small but beautiful church in southern France. Dedicated to Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. When I stood there in prayer, offering myself to the work of the Divine Feminine, I felt feminine presence with me. They said that they welcomed my offering. And also that the consequence of my offering was that I would not remain in hiding. But that I would become visible in the world. To me, at that time, it scared the shit of me 😅. The idea of becoming visible is still the biggest challenge I face.

I have been working on the compositions of my songs with my dear friend and producer Eric van den Brink. We took our time and have been working on Mariam is Awake for over three years!



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