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Are You Ready for your


Hop on this awakening journey with me!


So many people are waking up right now to their true selves. So why not go this journey more consciously and together?


In this online program I take you step by step through an awakening process starting where you are right now. In seven evenings you will work with me, my and your own spiritguides and the songs on my album 'Awake' will be a guiding principle throughout the program.


This Program Includes


  • A personal session with me to evaluate where you now stand and where your personal focus will be during the course.

  • Learn sound healing techniques, attunements to reconnect with Source and you will be diving deeper into your own process of healing and awakening 

  • Digital album package, consisting of the album, workbook and inspiring songtext cards

  • Learning about the deeper meaning of the songs, why my guides gave the songs to us and healing meditations with the help of the Brother/Sisterhood of Light


Practical Information

  • Dutch spoken meetings are on monday nights from 19:30 - 21:30 Amsterdam time

  • Dates 30-01, 06-02, 20-02, 06-03, 13-03, 20-03 and 27-03

  • English spoken meetings are on sunday nights Amsterdam Time, this will be sunday morning/afternoon in many other countries 

  • Dates 26-Feb, 05-Mar, 19-Mar, 26-Mar, 02-Apr, 16-Apr, 23-Apr

  • Personal sessions will be planned before the course starts so you will have a clear picture of where you stand now and what your personal goals are for the course

  • You will receive the zoom links for the course by email, meetings are recorded so you can watch them later any time

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