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Private Sessions

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Using Prayer, Attunement and Permission while KNOWING you are surrounded by loving guides and angels is a very powerful tool for healing.


I have been praying all my life and have always experienced it's profound efects in my life and others. In my private sessions I pray before the session starts, we pray, attune and invite the angels and guides during our session together and after the session is finished I pray again for your wellbeing and healing. During the session, I never know what will happen. Sometimes my guides would like to clear energies passed on through generations, sometimes they would like you to bring an experience you had (this lifetime or past) into the Light. Often these sessions help you to take the next step of evolution and soul growth. It helps you to pass that block, past-life trauma or family/genetic influence and to connect in a deeper way with your own soul and spirit guides. 


 I would love to be of service to you! If you are interested, we will set a time and date that suits you. Sessions are €55,- for one hour.



Book Private Session HERE

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