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I'll tell you my story and I'll sing you my songs

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upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Circle of Song

Circle of Song

Singing together in unity consciousness and in prayer.

Themes are:

  • The awakening process

  • The brother/sisterhood of mankind

  • The meaning of forgiveness

  • Restoring the circle


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Prayer at the Well

A few times a year we visit a Holy Well in white, with flowers and in procession for a collective forgiveness prayer and ritual. With this event we focus on restoring the Brother/Sisterhood of mankind.

Keep an eye on my newsletter, facebook and the website for upcoming events.

If you have a sacred well in your garden or estate I am happy to fascilitate Prayer at the Well there with your friends and/or family.

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Mariam is Awake Tour

Healing music and prayer for transformation

Stories and music about Soul, about Awakening, and about Remembering who we truly are.

New tourdates coming soon!

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Invite me for your event

I sing to connect and unite. My performances are a mix of Song, Meditation, Story and Restoring the Circle. I will share with you some of my personal stories about the meaning of the songs I received.

I will invite you to join me in song, to connect with eachother and with higher frequencies.


Send me an email for information mariam@mariamagency.com 

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