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Me and my guides have created a format for healing and awakening that you can use as a helpful tool in your own awakening process. It consists of:

1. The album Awake: healing music, and awakening frequencies.
2. The workbook: can be used as a guide and journal to deepen your work with the songs. It has beautiful messages, meditations, rituals, all the lyrics, stories of how the songs came to me and writing space for your own process.
3. The Songtext Cards: 13 beautifully designed songtext cards with inspirational parts of the songtexts. To place on your altar, in your home as a reminder or to give to a friend.
4. Concerts & Circle of Song: Further below you will also find the Concert tickets and tickets for Circle of Song, Day Retreats and Weekend Retreats. 

You can buy any items separately or in the form of a Package Deal comprising all 3 products (album, workbook and songtext cards) for a reduced price.

*Due to high shipping costs for our customers outside of the EU we have physical products only available in EU-countries. If you would like to make a physical order outside of the EU please let us know by sending your request to:

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