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Deep Healing & Awakening Journey


'You are not your past or your experiences. Let’s rediscover

your Eternal Self together'


This journey is the full package: Deep Healing, Nutrition and Accelerated Spiritual Progress! 


While we work together in 15 sessions and akashic journeys on your specific themes, experiences and fears we will also work on exploring, healing and strengthening your energy system. We will deepen your contact with your spirit guides and support your body nutritionally in preparation for energetic shifts and awakening. On this Journey:


-You will dive into the depths of your personal, ancestral and karmic history. To disentangle, heal and transform creations from the past still influencing you today. Together we will track down the creations that hold you separate from Source using healing sessions and akashic sessions. Through the sessions you can see them, feel them and bring them into the light where they can be transformed. 


- You and I will work towards opening and strengthening your energy system through the use of sound healing, nutrition, meditations/healing songs from my album Awake and our sessions together. 


- We will work to deepen the connection with your spirit guides and our global/collective guides supporting your personal- and our global awakening process.


- You will receive my album package 'Awake', consisting of the album, workbook and songtext cards


- You will receive coaching by email in between sessions as needed to support your progress. 


We live in a world that is attuned to a false idea of separation. By healing ourselves we can make a beautiful contribution to the healing of our world. Walking the collective path towards Unity and the remembrance of who we all truly are. I invite you whole heartedly on this beautiful path of awakening and am looking forward to serving you.


Deep Healing & Awakening Journey

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