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Deep Healing Journey


'You are not your past or your experiences. Let’s rediscover your Eternal Self together' 


You try to move forward in life, you know there is more in store for you. But you keep bumping into the same theme’s, stories and fears. With the Deep Healing Journey we dive into the depths of your personal, ancestral and karmic history. To disentangle, heal and transform creations from the past still influencing you today.


I have the honour to witness people’s deep healing on a daily basis.  What I have experienced within myself and working with others, is our tremendous ability to heal. Healing occurs when we reconnect with our True Self, but that cannot happen without descending into all the ways in which we have separated ourselves from our Source. 


There are places within ourselves where we have denied our divinity end unity with Source. Sometimes through life experiences, sometimes through the wounds of separation inflicted by others. The work is: to find these creations, see them, feel them and bring them into the light where they can be transformed. My guides and your guides work together in this process and you are supported in your healing, every step of the way. 


We can be healed. We can find what we have lost. We can transform the pain of separation inflicted from generation onto generation. And uncover our essence, the truth of who we are. 


This Journey consists of 7 healing sessions and akashic journeys. Together we decide in which order they will support you best. Each journey is unique and will unfold as needed.


Experiences of others:


Eva Mariam tunes in to information about your situation and request for help and does so with the utmost care, purity and integrity. In my case, this led to knowledge and energy that moved me forward and upwards, and Eva gave me insights that healed old emotions and brought about wisdom. She helped me to transform old patterns and forge new paths. I wish everyone to become acquainted with her high attunement and healing qualities." Irene


"Eva Mariam's guides immediately brought up, without my input, the subject I had been working on for the previous months. It felt like it was addressed at its core and that the topic/painful subject could now be closed, including for my ancestors. The circle was literally complete. After the healing session I felt “cleared up” and I still have that light feeling now, days later. I found it incredible to feel how Eva is attuned to her own guides, but also to me and my guides at the same time. It felt like an intense collaboration! Miriam



Deep Healing Journey of 7 sessions

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