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This package has it all!

It is the complete 'Awake' package.

It has a package discount and instead of 32,97 you pay 29,99 for the complete package. 


The package includes:

-My physical Album Awake

- The physical Workbook with lyrics, messages from my guides, how I received the songs, the meaning of the songs and activities you can do in tandem with the songs to reach maximum bennefit.

- 13 beautifully designed, physical Songtext Cards for on your altar, as a daily reminder or to give a friend


*The Physical Package is only shipped to countries within the EU due to high shipping costs for people outside of the EU. We reccommend Digital for all customers outside of the EU. Though, contact us if you would like to place a physical orde outside of the EU. 

Package Deal Physical

SKU: 1444
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