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As a highly intuïtive person, healing medium and experienced spiritual coach and trainer I am able to help you transform old patterns of energy. Together we are making way for new descicions, a higher allignment to your soul and to your own spiritguides. Creating breakthroughs in a status quo and/or advancing your spiritual alignment and growth. 


I have been praying all my life and have always experienced it's profound efects in my life and others. 

During the session, we start with how you feel, what you need and your questions. Sometimes my guides would like to clear energies passed on through generations, sometimes they would like you to bring an experience you had (this lifetime or past) into the Light.

Often these sessions help you to take the next step of evolution and soul growth. It helps you to pass that block, past-life trauma or family/genetic influence and to connect in a deeper way with your own soul and spirit guides. 


If you have any questions you can email me: I would love to be of service to you! If you are interested, you can pay for your session here and then we will set a time(zone) and date that suits you. Sessions are €75,-/ $75,- for one hour. Language is Dutch or English.


One on one Session

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