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'This album is both ahead of it's time

and perfect for these times'

"Mariam has brought to life an exquisite album of

channeled songs which are clear as a bell, both in tone and

lyric. She has allowed a higher Grace to use her gift in a way

that transports the listener to the

deepest realms of devotion."

Nikki Slade, UK

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What other people say 

The Stars

Concert Awake:


'It was extraordinary. Beautifully sung. You two mesmerized the whole group. '

Frans-Willem Deliën 

Pilgrimage in a Day

Starry Sky

'Mariam: gate of light & wisdom keeper. Let yourself be surprised and moved. Just as she surprised and deeply moved me. Because her voice opens a gate to a world where I remember who I truly am.'

Iris Boonstra,

Spirituele Transformatie Academie

The Stars

'I can put your album on repeat! Each song has its own atmosphere like pearls on a chain. The subtle guitar playing, the compositions, the arrangements made by Eric Van Den Brink, it's beautiful. The music is truly healing!'

Thea Atsma

Starry Sky

'So beautiful!'


'I listen to it all the time'


'Your album helps me to meditate better'


'I love all your songs, but Victory is my favorite. I cry everytime'

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Interview: how my album
'Awake' came to be


Mariam's unique voice, words and compositions lead me to different layers of existence: earthly, heavenly and all layers in between. It is to dream away with, but also to descend deeper into myself.
Her music helps my personal growth


How to reach us:

Mariam Agency

Putten, The Netherlands


kvk: 34286366