It all started with a prayer

I was a sensitive child and always felt a connection to the more subtle worlds. But the journey that I am on now started a few years back, when I went into an intense

prayer for the wellbeing of the world and it's people.

I prayed for guidance about what I could possibly do to relieve the suffering. How to take responsibility as one humanbeing in our collective. I prayed to Mother Mary. And suddenly I heard a soft feminine voice:

'I can not do it for you' the voice said. 'But I can show you how'.

With these words a spiritual journey started. A journey I would like to share with you through my music and by sharing my story.

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Mariam's unique voice, words and compositions lead me to different layers of existence: earthly, heavenly and all layers in between. It is to dream away with, but also to descend deeper into myself. Her music helps my personal growth.