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Would you like to get to know your Soul better?

Remember more of who you truly are and who you came to be?

Would you like to let go of old patterns and past experiences?

Would you like to fully embody your Light?

Dutch Events:

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Free Healing Event

* Contact met het gidsenveld * Loslaten wat je niet langer meer dient * Helende activaties vanuit de gidsen * Versnelling van je eigen proces * Meer belichamen wie je werkelijk bent *

De Roos te Amsterdam

It is my Mission

to support you in your healing and awakening

Do you need personal or spiritual support? Are you spiritually aware, but experiencing a recurring pattern that you can't seem to break?
As a highly intuïtive person, healing medium and experienced spiritual coach and trainer I am able to help you transform old patterns of energy. Together we are making way for new descicions, a higher allignment to your soul and to your own spiritguides. Creating breakthroughs in a status quo and/or advancing your spiritual alignment and growth. 

What others say about working with me:

I wanted to express my gratitude, not only for your guidance but for your presence. I really gain so much by connecting with you; you are a powerful light in this world.'

Cassidy, US

'Eva Mariam's guides immediately, without me introducing it, brought up the topic that had been on my mind for the previous months. It felt as if it had been addressed at its core and that the subject/pain point could now be closed, also for my ancestors. The circle was literally complete. After the healing session I felt “cleaned up” and I still have that light feeling now, days later. I found it incredible to feel how Eva is attuned to her own guides, but at the same time also to me and my guides. It felt like an intense collaboration!'

Miriam, Netherlands

'A session with Eva is filled with Light. Her guidance comes with the highest frequency and brings clarity, crystal clear messages, empowerment and deep encouragement. Eva asks deepening questions and highly trusts and respects your own findings and revelations. She connects with your Soul , recognizes your qualities and only works with what is in your highest good.


I experience Eva as warm, joyful, light and attuned. She loves working with her guides, lifting up people and guiding them to their true Self and highest potential.'    


Rosanne Kloeg

LightWorker and Catalyst for Women’s Growth

Owner & Retreat leader for Women at AlohaRose Retreats in Hawai’i


Live events and (group) healing work

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Healing music that speaks to your soul

Music (and sound vibration) is an excellent way to transfer energy. Sharing not only the words but also the vibration of love, peace and our connection to our Source together is powerful and healing. Eva Mariam will share the meaning, the visions and messages she received when the songs of her album 'Awake' came to her. And will transfer healing energy through the use of her voice. The concerts are beautifully supported by soundhealer Frans de Visser (keyboard, vocals, cajon, harmonium).

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Invite Mariam for your event or festival

Would you like to organize something different for your event? You can invite Eva Mariam as a speaker, as a singer or both! 

Eva is more than happy to connect her work to your theme and audience. She is able to guide your audience through energy exercises, meditation and short breaks using sound exercises as energizers. 

Eva Mariam works internationally.

Contact Mariam Agency for more details:

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Letting go of what no longer serves you

And receiving what is your true herritage. Our guides and angels really want to help us. But they cannot help where we are not willing to let go. These sessions are highly transformational and are meant to bring the unconscious into the light so that it can be transformed and you can be more free, more connected and more embodied.

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Events & Workshops

This time on earth is all about coming together in groups. We can do our individual work, but in coming together in groups our energyfields connect and expand even further. We light each other up, empower each other and remember each other of who we truly are. My guides like to work with groups because we get to practice what 'Christ/Buddha/Mariam' energy feels like embodied as a collective. 

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Mariam Agency TV

Mariam Agency TV

Mariam Agency TV
Mariam Live: One Love

Mariam Live: One Love

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Mariam Live: The return of the Magdalene

Mariam Live: The return of the Magdalene

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Agenda Mariam voor Februari 2023 & Interview

Agenda Mariam voor Februari 2023 & Interview

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Listen to my single on Spotify or buy it at your preferred platform through this link:

Listen to album sneak peeks

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Interview: how my album
'Awake' came to be

More Testimonials

Mariam's unique voice, words and compositions lead me to different layers of existence: earthly, heavenly and all layers in between. It is to dream away with, but also to descend deeper into myself.
Her music helps my personal growth


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