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2023: A New Year, A New Day; giving birth to a new Self and a new World

An invitation to embody the Light and to give birth to the New

The way my guides have shown this period in time, is that our world is in a state of crucifixion right now. And what that means according to them is that everything that we have created, and that is not in alignment with the truth of who we are, will crumble. But this 'death' of the old is only to reveal what it has precluded: The Eternal Self that can not be born and can not die.

Crucifixion, according to them, is a symbol for initiation. It is the final step where that which is created from untruth, simply can not exist in the blazing Light of Truth. And when I speak of truth, I speak of Source, of our Origin. The truth of who we are.

I have to be honest, I mourn for the state our world is in today. I mourn the wars, famine, poverty, the lack of care for children, the collapsing system, and all the people who suffer from that. I deeply mourn that and it fuels my desire for change. And, at the same time, I celebrate the birth of the Light that is dawning upon us. And while we, as humanity, are heading towards the birth canal to make the shift we all have been waiting for, praying for, longing for, we are also confronted with the notion that we ourselves have to Rise, have to Stand, to do what we came here to do. The Light will be reborn as us and through us. We are the torch-bearers for our new world. A world of freedom, equality, cooperation, unity, love and understanding. It is possible. But we have to let go of the old, which is ready to leave us. It is truly ready to leave. And it is up to us to embody the new. We are the answer to our prayers. When we desire change, an answer to a problem, we become the solution. It is evolution.

I love you all my dear brothers and sisters. We live in exceptional times. Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.

Love, Mariam

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