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My upcoming Journey to Egypt, will you join me in prayer?

At the beginning of this year I felt an inner call to go to Egypt this fall. A country that until then had no special attraction for me. But I believe there is a very good reason for me to go.

In the past fifteen years I have travelled regularly through Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries. There, in addition to the inspiring introduction to the country, the turbulent history and the hospitable people, I also met my own shadows. These often had a relationship with what had happened collectively in the history of those countries. For example, I regularly visited Poland where my past life memory of Auschwitz-Birkenau exposed the wound of the denial of my sovereign right to exist.

The travels through Serbia and Bosnia mirrored the brutal contrast between 'once celebrating life’ as brothers and sisters and then 'taking each other’s lives’ as enemies. A common denominator that became more and more apparent in all those journeys and in me was the male wound. A trauma that has left its mark in so many countries and generations over the centuries in all layers of living and being together. A wound that has disrupted the balance between the sacred Feminine and the sacred Masculine to such an extent that we as humanity have now reached a tipping point in our history and on our planet Earth. And now Egypt is calling me to take a stand for everything, I believe, we desparately need as humanity. Brother- and Sisterhood, peace and respectful care of our planet Earth. I will join a 1000 women on Mount Sinai On the top of Mount Sinai a night vigil is held on November 8 during a full moon. During this night vigil we will meditate, pray, sing and connect. All over the world similar gatherings are held. If it feels right to you, you can meditate by yourself, together with friends or join Eva Mariam in Gapinge to contribute to the wave of light spreading over the Earth. Voices of the Wisdom Keepers Two inspired filmmakers from the USA, Quincy Davis and Alexandra Loves, are eager to attend the Great Gathering of Women on Mount Sinai to capture this special happening on film and share it with the world. But they cannot do this without help.... They recently made the inspiring documentary 'Voices of the Wisdom Keepers' about the tipping point in which we find ourselves with all life on earth. A must see documentary! (link to the trailer below) And they would like to make a similar documentary of the gathering on Mount Sinai. If you choose to donate, you will support not only me in my travels, you will also support filmmakers Quincy Davis and Alexandra Loves to attend and film 1000 women on Mount Sinai. Because I will share the donations I have received, equally with them. We would be very greatful for your support. You can donate any amount, big or small, and/or share my campaign through clicking on the link below. DONATE Manny thanks for your support in spirit or through your contribution. If you would like to follow me on this trip: I'll keep you posted here

Link documentary >> Warm regards, Frans

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