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Will you pray, sing and meditate with thousands around the globe?

‘Let's gather 1000 women, one night long, on the Sacred Mountain.

To meditate, pray, sing, connect,

hold space for what the Earth needs from us today.’

Ton van der Kroon

For this blog I would like to tell you about Dutch author Ton van der Kroon. He is author of ten books about personal development and spirituality. He and his partner Anne Wislez organise global events where people gather for peace, love and unity. One of those events is coming up shortly and promises to be very powerful. While world leaders are coming together in Sharm-el-Sheikh to dicuss environmental issues, there is a call, from Ton and Anne to gather with 1000 women on Mount Sinaï to pray, sing and meditate during the full moon. Many people have bought their plane tickets to join. One of them is my musical partner Frans.

All over the world smaller gatherings are held on that day where men and women come together to set their intention for peace, respect for the feminine and respect for our planet. While Frans is in Sinaï, I will be present at one of the smaller gatherings in the Netherlands. It is held in Gapinge and organized by spiritual teacher and author Marieke Meulenberg. If you would like to know more about this gathering in the Netherlands you can read about it here:

Where: Dorpstraat 7, Gapinge

Contribution: € 25

Info & contact:

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If you would like to host your own gathering, read about this initiative or search for a gathering in your country, you can find more information here:

Join us in Spirit and Intention We hope that you will join us in one way or another on November 8th. Wishing you love, peace and unity, Mariam

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